About VŌG

What we Do?

VŌG is a cutting-edge, full service advertising agency providing media planning and buying, strategic vision, creative development and production, marketing execution, campaign management, analysis and insights, and ultimately RESULTS.

How we do it?

VŌG marries precision targeting in smart media placement with effective creative production, unifying one holistic message that invites engagement, builds loyalty, drives conversions and retains customers, thus delivering RESULTS!

Why work with VŌG?

Why utilize multiple agencies when you can have all of your interactive marketing needs serviced through one innovative company? VŌG is simply the best advertising agency in St. Louis for your media buying and creative production needs. Contact VŌG today for integrated marketing solutions!

How do we get results?

Once the VŌG team learns about our client’s target audience, we then conduct research to understand their media consumption habits. We learn about where the target audience is spending their time and what mediums to use to best reach them at precisely the right moment. We recommend a multi-platform approach to advertising, which increases brand awareness and brand engagement.

Leveraging existing customer data and integrating insights from new customers allows us to understand our clients’ audience. Through our findings, we provide information to our clients to help them build a better overall brand experience for their customers.

Through strategic media planning and in-depth audience and media research, VŌG then places the media buys, monitors the campaign performance and provides analysis and insights to deliver the most efficient and effective results for our clients.

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Our Team Members

Team Member President / CEO

Eric Johnson

Team Member vice president / COO

Katy Kruze

Will Lackey Chairman, The VOG Companies

Will Lackey

Team Member director, media services

Linda Gaal

Team Member associate producer

Devory Newsome

Team Member Director, Client Development

Bob Mogley

Team Member project manager

Denise Lawson

Team Member media analyst

David Lishman

Team Member Media Analyst

Sienna Ravisa

Team Member Creative Developer

Steve Brockman

Team Member Creative Developer

Andrea Brandt

Team Member Production Assistant

Brian Landon

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