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Accelerated Lead Generation

VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine
is an innovative, comprehensive, and aggressive service that runs on VOG’s proprietary real-time advertising / video marketing platform, and is an efficient low-risk, high-return advertising solution available to you right now. Contact VOG Advertising today to get started!


Audience Targeting

VOG has brought the most effective lead generation strategies together in a single powerful platform. VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine uses the most advanced advertising technologies to target audiences with precision and accuracy wherever they are, on whatever device they may be using.

Video Marketing

VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine runs on the most powerful influencer of all: video. No other company in the industry can produce premium quality video as fast and as effective as VOG. We inspire action by presenting your prospects with powerful video experiences, placing them on the fast track to conversion.

Marketing Automation

VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine is supported by a hypercharged marketing automation system. Using advanced retargeting techniques, social engagement, and autoresponder technologies, we ensure that potential customers don’t fall through the cracks or lose interest before making a decision. The system also continues to engage with current customers converting them into influential brand advocates.

Real-Time Optimization

With VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine, we keep our finger on the pulse with real-time campaign optimization. We monitor each video campaign’s performance in real-time to gauge audience actions and reactions. This allows us to alter and optimize video content and campaign strategies on-the-fly.



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Services Comparison

Accelerated Lead Generation

VOG’s Accelerated Lead Generation Engine
achieves the highest advertising ROI in the industry by consolidating media planning, creative strategy, and production onto one team. VOG's low overhead business model allows us to provide services beyond the standard services found with other advertising media agencies.

Pricing Structure

As with other media planning / buying companies, VOG provides media services on a standard commission basis. As such, the extent of value added services such as video production, creative design, marketing automation, deeper analytics reporting, and campaign optimization are based on the total monthly advertising investment. See the chart below for example campaign senarios at varying investment levels:

Video Everywhere


Pricing senarios
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